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Welcome to the Happy Lemonade Gift store! So glad you are here!

We know that building and maintaining relationships among teams have never been more important. Especially since meetings, conferences, and presentations are shared through a computer screen. Fortunately, there has been effective ways to let your employees and coworkers know that they are valued and thankfully we know a few of them!

Whether you prefer a gift that is ready to ship or something with your own personal touch, we help you make the process of gifting easy. Let us guide you through the process:


Large Scale Order

If you are looking to buy multiple gifts for your team or event, we would be happy to help! Simply browse through our ready-to-ship gift collection below, contact us by using the form below or write us at to let us know the quantity of gifts you will need!

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Custom Design Gifts

Looking to add your personal touch to each gift you give, we can help. Work with us to design gifts that will represent your brand and business values. Contact us using the form below and let us know more about your project or event. let's start the design process together!

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What We Do

We take care of choosing gifts, assembling boxes, and shipping your gift right into the hand of its intended – without taking any time from your busy day. Every gift that goes into our boxes is chosen with great care and chosen with keen attention to detail. 

How We Can Help

 Our ready-made and personalized gift boxes are the perfect fit for:

Employee Recognition, New Hire Welcoming, Retirement, Staff Holiday Gift, Promotions, Event Favors, Clients and Prospects, Corporate Partners, and so much more… 

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